Student Uniform Requirements

All students at Woodlawn Preparatory School will be required to wear school uniforms on a daily basis.  It is the responsibility of the parent to purchase these uniforms for their child from French Toast at www.frenchtoast.com and clicking “shop by school” or by calling 1-800-frenchtoast. Source Code QS5ZQWQ must be used when ordering.

Girls: The uniform for girls will be a light blue buttoned down blouse or a navy or gray polo shirt paired with the Woodlawn Preparatory plaid knee length skirt or jumper.  Gray, white, or navy tights or leggings are acceptable for the colder months.

Boys: The uniform for boys will be a light blue buttoned down shirt or a navy polo shirt paired with gray slacks or a light blue buttoned down shirt or a gray polo shirt paired with navy slacks. Boys in the 3-6 year class may wear uniform shorts. Boys in 1st grade and higher are required to wear slacks.  Boys’ slacks can be purchased outside of French Toast but must be dress slacks.  Cargo pants are not acceptable.  Boys will wear a black/brown reversible belt from French Toast. Boys shall have their hair cut neatly above the ears and collar.

Shoes: Navy, gray, black, or white tennis shoes or canvas shoes or black or brown leather shoes are acceptable.  No sandals will be allowed for boys or girls.

Outerwear: All outerwear must be navy or gray.  This includes coats, sweaters, cardigans, etc.


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