About Us


Woodlawn Preparatory School was founded in 2015 under the leadership and vision of Jerron Carney, pastor of Woodlawn Church in Columbia, MS.  The Montessori philosophy of education and human development became the guiding method for the school in its desire to teach the whole child, establish a love for life-long learning, and elicit a child’s sense of responsibility to and relationship with local and worldwide communities.  The school opened its doors to children in 3-6 year old and 6-9 year old multi-age learning environments.  Since then, the school has established a Montessori Toddler environment and expanded through middle school.  The school will continue its expansion to offer this unique learning environment through high school. Woodlawn Preparatory School was established in order to be a community school with a Christian worldview

Mission Statement

Woodlawn Preparatory School is committed to the development of the whole child to promote a love for life-long learning by implementing the Montessori philosophy of education and human development in a Christ-centered environment.


  • Empower children to cultivate curiosity, independence, and responsibility.
  • Educate using a student-centered hands-on approach to learning.
  • Ensure a safe environment where every child can reach his/her highest potential.
  • Effect children’s awareness as to their identity and purpose as a child of God.
  • Elicit parents and community stakeholders as partners in education.
  • Establish a continued association with accrediting bodies.
  • Engage in the full implementation of the Montessori Method in each environment.


Our vision will be achieved when…

  • Woodlawn Preparatory School is seen as an innovative model for education in the community.
  • Woodlawn Preparatory School educates children from infancy through high school.
  • Woodlawn Preparatory School engages the community in frequent dialog and interaction regarding education in child development, Montessori practices, and joint planning of community events.
  • Woodlawn Preparatory School is financially sustainable through the cooperative efforts of school parents and local church and community stakeholders.
  • Woodlawn Preparatory School is an onsite Montessori training center.


A Christian worldview is vital to an understanding of how to develop relationships as leaders in the world and local community, members of a family, and children of God.

The cooperative efforts of parents, children, and the school form the integral parts of a child’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development.

The learning environment must be characterized by personal excellence in work with high levels of engagement, motivation, kindness, service, collaboration, and respect for individuality and diversity.

Through the implementation of the Montessori philosophy of education and human development, children are capable of achieving their highest potential as self-directed learners and creative problem-solvers.